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As a life-long resident of our community, I have experienced first-hand the lack of educational opportunity that many of the young people in our neighborhoods have to endure. Despite this reality, with the support of community members, I overcame many of those challenges, and  achieved academic success.

Having achieved my academic dreams because of my community’s support, I have made it a personal mission of mine to fight to ensure that the geenrations that come after me are provided more access to educational opportunities, not less. 

As a father of two children, including a one that is in high school, if given the honor to serve as your representative on the San Jose/ Evergreen Community College District, I will focus my attention on ensuring that our community is heard before any decisions are made that have the possibility to impact your family’s education and financial bottom line. I can make this commitment because, like you, I work hard each day to provide my family a better tomorrow.

As a product of local public schools that, went on to eventually earn a Masters in Business Administration from Santa Clara University, I firmly believe that government agencies must not make it more difficult for our community to be able to achieve success. That’s why, using my experience, I will work to bring a community college campus to our downtown, increase dual enrollment opportunities for our high school students, and increase the District’s transfer and completion rate. The San Jose/ Evergreen Community College District must always invest in you, and your future.


A vote for Diego is a vote for college accessibility, affordability, and accountability!


(408) 320-8362

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